Thursday, June 23, 2011

Trigger happy cop gets seven years

A policeman deployed to Chiadzwa diamond fields, who used his
service AK47 rifle to shoot a reveller who failed a snooker challenge,
will spend the next seven years in jail.

Dominic Nyani, a 29-year-old sergeant with the crack Support Unit, was
convicted on attempted murder charges on his own plea.

The court heard that Nyani fired three shots on Weston Makarango’s
left arm and abdomen after Makarango failed to sink the black ball as
demanded by the policeman in December last year.

Regional magistrate Livingstone Chipadza said Nyani’s case was
aggravated by the fact that he was in police uniform, on duty and
drinking when he committed the offence.

Chipadza said Nyani used a lethal weapon on Makarango with no
provocation and premeditation hence deserved a lengthy jail term.

“The issue of intoxication of the accused was not reasonable as before
the shooting the accused had spoken to the complainant about the
threat to shoot him and went on to shoot after the black ball was not
sunk. Thus he knew what he was doing,” ruled Chipadza.

The court heard that Nyani was part of patrons drinking and dancing
the night away at Tripple K nightclub at Chakohwa business centre when
he suddenly threatened Makarango with death if he failed to sink the
black ball.

Nyani incredibly went on to shoot Makarango after the ball failed to
hit the spot, the court heard.

The policeman was based at Mike Troop base in Buchwa but was in
Marange as part of corps guarding the controversial diamond fields
where state security agents have been repeatedly accused of gross
human rights violations. Mutare lawyer Cosmas Chibaya of Chibaya and
Associates, represented Nyani.

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