Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Zanu Ndonga leader slams GNU

CHECHECHE:- Wilson Tarugarira Khumbula the long forgotten Zanu Ndonga leader has come out of the political doldrums and likened Zimbabwe to a ship that does not have a captain to direct it and its just sailing own its own not knowing where it will end up.
Khumbula blamed the leaders of the three political parties that formed the Government of National Unity of spending most of their time fighting each other at the expense of national development.
“Zimbabwe is like a ship that has just been thrown into turbulent waters without anyone to give it direction,” said Khumbula. “These leaders are spending their energy fighting each other and nothing much has been done to advance the lives of ordinary Zimbabweans”.
The former Chipinge legislator said there was a lot that the three political parties promised the people but nothing has been done two years after the unity government has been formed.
Khumbula said schools still do not have adequate books, in hospitals there is no medicines and the police are mounting roadblocks at will so that they can get money from motorists.
“Police officers are mounting roadblocks so that they can extort from motorists and our soldiers are going to Chiadzwa so that they can get diamonds,” lamented Khumbula.
On the issue of elections Khumbula said his party is ready to participate in the next election. Khumbula said elections should be held so that the country becomes governable. But he also urged all opposition political parties to put their differences aside and unite so as to remove Zanu PF from power.
“We know things are hard and there is a lot of violence that takes place towards elections but that should not stop us from having elections, people should experience difficulties first in order to enjoy the fruits later,” he said.
Khumbula said Zanu PF uses violence as a tool to intimidate voters and the magnitude of violence increases when we approach an election but that should not stop a country from having elections.
“As Zanu Ndonga we have lost so many of our cadres due to political motivated violence and some have even skipped the country,” he said.
“We can’t go for another five years without an election as this will plunder the country into chaos, at present the country is not governable as there in no government to talk about,” said Khumbula.
On the structures of his party Khumbula said they now do not rely on having structures as they are infiltrated and destroyed by Zanu PF. He said instead they now just rely on having members across the country.
“Even Zanu Pf does not have structures maybe the only structures that hey have are from the police and the army, the MDC it’s the same because if they have structures they are beaten up, so we no longer rely on structure but by just having ordinary members allover the country,” said Khumbula.

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