Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Soldiers Intimidate voters in Chikanga

MUTARE- Voting remained peaceful here although the MDC has complained there were attempts by some soldiers to intimidate people at a polling station in Chikanga high density suburb.
Some MDC candidates said they were also “shocked” by the high number of people who have been turned away at polling stations either because their names do not appear on the voters’ roll or they were in the wrong ward.
They were no queues at most polling stations in the city’s high-density suburbs although in the afternoon.
At most polling stations there were more polling agents and police details than the number of people queuing to vote.
But there were reports of high voter turn out in constituencies in Chipinge, 190 km south of Mutare. In one constituency, Musikavanhu, there was a high turn out at Chisumbanje Primary School.. Voting was peaceful in the constituency, according to Learnmore Madhuku, an MDC youth activist.
The MDC candidate for senate in Mutare, Keresenzia Chabuka said some soldiers based at Three Brigade were intimidating voters at a polling station at the Manicaland Agricultural Showground’s. The showground’s are next the army barracks.
Misheck Kagurabadza, the MDC candidate for Mutasa South, said he was “shocked” by the high number of people being turned away at the polling stations. He said at one polling station about 20 people were turned away in just two hours. Ends
Zanu PF election agents said there were satisfied with the voting process.

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