Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Civic Society groups petition SADC heads of state

Civic society groups in Zimbabwe have petitioned SADC heads of State to exert pressure on President Mugabe not to manipulate results of the March 29 polls.
The groups includes the National Constitutional Assemby, ZimRights, Zimbabwe Elections Support Network, Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights and the International Commission of Jurists.
The groups said they were concerned about the delay in announcing results of the poll. Results have been released by ZEC in bits and pieces angering Zimbabweans who are earger to know the future of their country.
The groups said President Mugabe and his government should allow results to be released immediately without being tampered with.
They said SADC leaders should exert pressure on President Mugabe not to declare a state of emergency. The groups also implored on SADC leaders to apply pressure on President Mugabe's millitary and intelligence agents not to manipulate results and to accept the people's verdict in the elections.

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