Thursday, April 9, 2009

Soldier forces rival to drink raw sewage

IN a bizarre case, a Zimbabwean soldier forced a 29-year old man to drink raw sewage from a burst pipe as punishment for being intimate with his 25-year old wife.
The incident happened in Dangamvura, a poor township in Mutare, Zimbabwe’s third largest city which is 265 km east of Harare, the capital.
Simon Chauke, a solider with the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA), caught Laison Zvemisha red – handed being intimate with his wife at his matrimonial house in Dangamvura high density suburb after he had set up a trap.
Chauke, based at 4: 1 Infantry Battalion in Masvingo, a town about 300km south of Harare, was tipped off by neghbours that his wife Chiedza Chombo was having an adulterous affair with Zvemisha. The soldier was told his wife and Zvemisha would on several occasions lock each other at his house while he was away on duty.
He then lied to his wife that he was going on tour of duty but instead went to a friend’s place in the neighborhood where he waited until he got information that his rival suitor had entered his house.
According to a report carried by a local weekly here, The Manica Post, the soldier, in the company of a fellow member of the ZNA ambushed the house and found the two lovebirds between the sheets.
The soldiers then started beating up Zvemisha, reported the newspaper. After beating him severely the soldiers then dragged the terrified man to a nearby burst sewage pipe and forced him to drink raw sewage.
They said it was punishment for being intimate with Chauke’s wife.
The hapless man was saved by the intervention of members of the public who felt he had had enough and that the punishment was also awkward.
The police did not arrest the soldiers. The fate of Zvemisha is not known as neighbours say he has deserted his residence in Dangamvura. Zimbabwe is currently battling a cholera outbreak that has claimed several thousands lives.
According to the report Zvemisha was renowned in the neighborhood for his “insatiable thirst” for married woman.
The Manica Post is a government controlled provincial weekly.

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