Sunday, June 15, 2008

"We will not let Tsvangira rule this country" Chinotimba

MUTARE – Veterans of Zimbabwe’s war of liberation have vowed never to allow Morgan Tsvangirai, the MDC leader, to take over power from President Mugabe should he win the June 27 election run – off.
Joseph Chinotimba, a leader of the war veterans told thousands of Zanu PF supporters at Bambazonke Business Centre that Tsvangirai will not be allowed to take over power.
Chinotimba, national vice-chairman of the war veterans’ association and a member of the Zanu PF central committee, was speaking at the official launch of the Zanu PF presidential campaign in Manicaland.
Voting for Tsvangirai would “reverse the gains of independence”, Chinotimba told the gathering.
He said was veterans would not stand and just watch as the country was being “taken back to former colonizers”.
"We, as war veterans, are geared to retain our Presidential candidate and will not let Morgan Tsvangirai win this election,” He said. “Remember, we went to war for this country and many sons and daughters of this beloved nation perished as the whites resisted majority rule.”
"We will not stand and just watch as the Western-sponsored MDC gives back this country to the former colonizers.”
Chinotimba’s threats that the MDC leader will not be allowed to take over power in the wake of similar threats issued by top ranking military and security officials who have publicly declared they will not salute Tsvangirai.
But such utterances have been roundly condemned by local and international human rights organization. They say the threats are calculated at undermining democracy and perpetuate Mugabe’s 28-year hold to power.
Mugabe faces Tsvangirai in a run up that has been marred by politically motivated violence which has been blamed on both political parties.
However, human rights groups blames much of the fracas on Zanu PF supporters whom they say, are being backed by the army and war veterans.

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